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New Guardian app will allow parents to manage their children's smartphone use.

UK mobile operator Vodafone has launched an app designed to protect children while using smartphones and to give parents control over how their children use such devices.

Vodafone Guardian is available for free in the UK and is designed for Android smartphones and Vodafone branded handsets.

This app allows parents and carers to protect children and young people from inappropriate messages, calls and online content, while restricting how long they are allowed to use certain functions.

Parents have the facility to block specific contacts or numbers to prevent cyber bullying calls and texts, while such messages are sent to a secure folder in the phone's memory so this can be used by parents and carers as evidence for schools and police.

Calls outgoing can be restricted to a number of certain contacts such as family or specific friends, while parents can specify which time calls can be used or particular time limits on certain apps in order to enforce bed time or homework time.

Mobile access and camera use can be limited at certain times, while a text message is sent to a parent's phone if the child calls the emergency service. However, calls to child support hotlines such as Childline are not recorded in the call log, ensuring confidentiality for the child.

Increased Protection
In May, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) announced that it had protected over 400 children from online threats last year, while Facebook has been continuously pressured into adopting a child protection button for the UK.

For further information on the new Vodafone Guardian app contact Jungle Networks on 01442 200150 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mitel Communications Director (MCD) Release 5.0 simplifies the process for Partner technical engineers installing and commissioning the systems, as well as simplifying the on going administration of the solution for the end user customer (system administrator).

The many new features include changes to licensing, enabling customers to easily move Mitel 3300 system licenses around their multi site solution, making it easier for administration and lowering the cost of ownership.

In addition the latest Mitel 3300 MCD 5.0 software will the following:

Significant management improvements - aimed at simplifying the process for the partner technical specialists installing and commissioning the systems, as well as simplifying the on going administration of the solution for the end user customer.

Expand the reach of our Customer Interaction Solutions through increased scale and device support, specifically allowing 3rd party devices to be active agents within an MCD based contact centre.

Extend the Mitel hospitality offer for large scale properties - bringing to market a solution which offers high availability and large-scale solutions even where properties are continuing to deploy traditional analogue solutions.

Consolidate the licensing changes that have occurred and implement some new techniques that:
Simplify the licensing of multiple MCD nodes in a client network and facilitate clients trying the many capabilities with the Mitel MCD.

For further information on how the Mitel MCD software version 5 will enhance your Mitel 3300 telephone system, please contact Jungle Networks on 01442 200150.

A new venture is providing communications services in rural areas of Madagascar that allows villagers to share mobile telephone handsets while maintaining their own individual phone numbers and secure accounts.
International Finance Corporation, is carrying out the project in partnership with Movirtu and Airtel Madagascar, which allows individual people in the country to log into any handset to access their account for a small Charge.
Entrepreneurial phone operators in villages (who are part of IFC's Village Phone Program) provide unique cloud phone handsets on the Airtel Madagascar mobile network. The village phone links large telecom operators with the local entrepreneurs who sell airtime on the companies networks to people in their towns or villages. This helps local entrepreneurs build a feasible business, and broaden the reach of participating telecoms companies.
The project will allow hundreds of people in Madagascar who cannot afford to buy a handset to make and receive calls more securely, voicemail, mobile banking, and access text messages.
Ramona Liberoff, Movirtu's EVP for marketing, strategy and planning said 'This service is important for nearly a billion people in the world, particularly women in rural areas in developing countries.
They can log in and out of any mobile handset that's on the network, and they can use it to make calls, send information securely and use mobile banking.
She added that people in a village in Madagascar can go to their neighbours or friends and borrow their phone. They can log in to their own account from anyone's phone and access their own services, and neither side is compromised in terms of security.
To log in all a user needs is a code, phone number and pin number.
Liberoff added 'The owner of the phone also gets credit when they lend their handset to another user and in these markets there often a lot of social pressure for people to share their resources with the community if they have them.'
The service officially launched in Madagascar in May and will be rolled out to five more markets by end of the first quarter of next year and even more markets by end of 2012.

Android to Become No. 2 Worldwide Mobile Operating System in 2010 and Challenge Symbian for No. 1 Position by 2014 says Gartner.

The mobile operating system (OS) worldwide market will be dominated by Symbian and Android, as the two OSs will equate to 59.8 percent of mobile OS sales by 2014, according to Gartner, Inc.
Gartner's announce Symbian will remain at the top of worldwide OS ranking due to Nokia's volume and the push into more mass market value points. By the end of the forecast period, the top spot will be contested with Android, which will be at a very similar share level.
Communication service providers marketing and vendor service support for Android-based smartphones will drive the product to become the second-largest platform, following Symbian, by end of 2010. This is almost two years earlier than Gartner previously predicted.
The principal research analyst at Gartner, Robert Cozza says 'The worldwide mobile OS market is dominated by four players: Symbian, Android, Research In Motion and iOS.' Launches of updated operating systems such as Apple iOS 4, BlackBerry OS 6, Symbian 3 and Symbian 4, and Windows Phone 7 will help maintain strong growth in smartphones in 2010 and 2011 and encourage innovation. However, we believe that market share in the OS space will consolidate around a few key OS providers that have the most support from CSPs and developers and strong brand awareness with consumer and enterprise customers."
Mobile Communications Device Open OS Sales to End Users by OS.

First Quarter Fiscal 2012 Financial Results - Mitel is up 3% from the prior year quarter, revenue of $164.1 million.

Financial Success

Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 was $164.1 million, compared to $160.0 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2011.
Adjusted EBITDA for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 was $18.0 million.
Cash and cash equivalents as of July 31, 2011 were $71.3 million.
Operating cash flows for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 were $12.4 million.
Debt repayment of $12.3M

Chief Executive Officer - Comments

"We are very pleased with our success in the first quarter of fiscal 2012 where we again exceeded our targets, implemented our new strategy and initiated organizational changes to position Mitel for growth.

At the VMworld conference we announced the integration of our virtualized UC Advanced client software with VMware View 5, dramatically expanding the power of desktop virtualization. As IT administrators continue to focus on reducing costs, our combined solution extends a company's desktop and mobile environment to anywhere an employee has an Internet connection."

Contact Jungle Networks for further information on all Mitel HX and Mitel 3300 products and applications.

We are pleased to announce we provide a fully developed Mobile Call Recording application for BlackBerry that allows all mobile calls to be recorded. This has been designed to work with organisations who are required to record all mobile phone calls as part of a new FSA regulation which will be introduced in the UK on the 14th November 2011.In addition this will give organisations the benefits of Call Recording for field based personnel using BlackBerry devices.

Simple User Interface

The mobile recording solution has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the Call Recorder to provide a single user interface for search and playback of both fixed line and mobile calls.
All this is achieved whilst maintaining the existing FSA requirements on encrypting and storing call data and can be added to the exsisting call recording solution or as part of a new provision.

Centralised managment

The solution makes use of the existing features and functionality of the BlackBerry devices as well as incorporating call recording features that can be centrally managed by the system administrator, regardless of the mobile network in use.

Contact us for more details on Call Recording applications.

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