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Cost Effective and scalable the Mitel call recorders are designed to work exclusively with a range of IP and Traditional PBX telephone systems.

The call recorder gives people the option to use certain features that will fit the profile of how you want to operate as a business, from examining the way you can search and filter for recordings to improving options in scoring, training and monitoring your staff.

The Mitel call recorder records telephone calls and has an easy playback system. The Mitel Call recorder has been designed with the user in mind; focal points have been around automating processes and saving time for the user.

Finding a call or certain group of calls has not been easier, the advanced filter acutely searches and tracks down calls with great accuracy.

Supervisors can log into Mitel Recorder server home page simply by using MS/Internet Explorer and select “Recordings” from the web site menu. Mitel Call Recorder will display a table of most recent calls permitted for viewing in addition to a filter page to allow a supervisor to narrow the search for calls. Call Scoring, Workflow and Speech Analytics provide powerful tools to increase productivity for users who are required to monitor recorded calls

The Mitel Call Recorder takes everyone across a company into consideration, with different levels of access to recordings to whose calls are recorded and monitored. Integrating with other Mitel products, the Call Recorder has some unique features that once again truly enhance the Mitel platform.

Mitel Call Recorder Professional

The call recording solution from Mitel, is designed for businesses that simply require record, search and playback functions.

The Call Recorder is provided as a complete solution which includes PC Tower and Software.

Having the facility to play back recordings gives users a safety net to fall into. Discussing technical information and advising on complicated products or prices is less worry when you can go back and confirm details discussed. You can even record a conference call and go back and analyse to improve you business conduct.

Call Recorder Express not only records audio information, but also stores a variety of information about each call. The following fields are stored by default:

  • DDI
  • Caller ID
  • Extension Name / Number
  • Agent Name / ID
  • Speed dial name
  • Hunt group
  • Date and Time
  • Line Number
  • Account Code
  • DNIS (Trunk Label)