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There are an estimated 4.3 million remote workers in the UK today, with the number expected to increase to nearly 6.2 million by 2012.

Littlewoods, Vodafone, BT, Transport for London, Microsoft and Unilever are among some of the larger firms which already employ remote workers.

The AA employs 250 home-based staff across Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Cardiff who answer calls from members. Reducing overheads, improving customer satisfaction, increasing productivity and staff retention are the core business benefits that stem from teleworking.

However, firms are also starting to recognize that their environmental responsibilities can also be addressed, with teleworking helping to decrease the UK's ever burgeoning congestion problems and cut carbon emissions. While many employers are still laboring under the misconception that technologies which enable home-working are unreliable and slow, this is simply not the reality.

Connect to any broadband connection in the world and interact with the office, receiving all voice calls, voicemails, emails and faxes - as though you were at an in-house workstation. Remote working also reduces travel time for employees, leading to lower stress levels.