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Phone Handsets

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Panasonic Phone Handsets
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Terminal Telephone
For businesses, personal contact with customers is a significant factor for success. Keeping in touch is at the heart of all communications - without any concern as to how the communication is conveyed: via IP, by traditional telephony or by employing wireless technology. What is crucial for businesses is quality and reliability. With such a wide choice of telephone terminals to choose from, Panasonic provides a solution suitable for all business industries including hospitality, health services, education, local council/government, sales, and much more.

Digital Telephony
Digital telephony was established in the 1980's as a technological progression from the traditional analogue telephony system. It is reliable and provides a wide range of features.

IP Telephony
IP telephony allows you to break away from working in a fixed location, reducing cabling costs, and allowing team members to be located locally or remotely over VPN or broadband connections.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Telephony
SIP Telephones are smart devices, having unique features combined with applications in mind. Ideal for remote offices or home workers. SIP allows remote workers to connect back to the office over high-speed broadband IP network from virtually anywhere geographically, and because most VoIP providers don't charge anything for voice traffic that remains within the internet, there are significant cost savings for your business.

IP Softphones
An IP Softphone allows a user to make calls from a PC or mobile device. Calls can be made in places where traditional phone are not available, whilst keeping down call costs, e.g. Airports, customer offices, or even your home broadband network.

Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones (DECT)
DECT are portable advanced telephone devices, having many of the same features as a desktop, so no compromise. Needing a model for the office, or warehouse, is a simple choice with a wide range of models.

Key Features Available

Whether you decide to choose digital or IP desktop phones all models are stylish, intuitive, user friendly and comfortable to use by all system telephone users, and are available with a choice of key features :

  • High Visibility Back-lit LCD Display Screen
  • Large Alphanumeric Displays
  • Self Labelling Keys either Electronically or hand written
  • Easy Navigation Key
  • Multi-tilt Angle Adjustment Design
  • Optional Hands-free Communication with Bluetooth Headset